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Purple Pussy

Unfortunately for women everywhere many of us have come in contact with the dreaded “cookie monster” and one of my godsister’s was no exception. Her problem however is that because she is so jaded from her recent divorce, she occasionally

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I have been slacking on my blogging due to the fact that I am frantically trying to get everything situated because I am going back to school yay!  When I came back to give my blog some TLC, I returned

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How I met the neighbor …

It was my uncle’s girlfriend’s birthday and he had decided to throw her a surprise party.  His house wasn’t big enough, so Shawn, his neighbor offers to let him have it at his house.  My mom, sister, aunt, and I

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Uh oh … I broke rule #2

Wow … you know how guys sometimes say stupid shit like “when I’m through with you, I’ll have you walking funny” and you just look at them like “yea, sure, whatever you say.”  Well that ACTUALLY happened to me last

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Skype + Porn

BF: me & u 2nite, skypedate? ME: wat time BF: late nite ME: fa sho i’ll call you when i get home from dancing I probably see my boyfriend once or twice a month because he lives 2-3 hours (depending

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Definition of A Ho

Like I’ve mentioned before, I generally don’t give a fuck about what other people do, as long as it’s not harming me or the people I care about.  In turn, I expect the same from my friends and family …

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I’ll Be A Groupie Tonight

Last month I went to Miami with one of my girls to visit our best friend, who recently moved out there.  Let me just say that for my FIRST TIME EVER leaving California, it was not as fun as I

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