How I met the neighbor …

It was my uncle’s girlfriend’s birthday and he had decided to throw her a surprise party.  His house wasn’t big enough, so Shawn, his neighbor offers to let him have it at his house.  My mom, sister, aunt, and I are in charge of bringing the cake but we don’t know the neighbor that well, so we go over to my uncle’s to get my cousin to come with us because there is nothing more awkward than sitting in a stranger’s house.  My sister and I are bored; no one is really over Shawn’s yet  because Black people run on “CP time”.  Me and boredom don’t mix, especially if I’m at a party or a club, it always leads me to getting more drunk than I should be.

Well you guessed it by the time everyone shows up (including my uncle and the birthday girl), I’m drunk and dancing with my cousin because I love the way he dances.  We had a crush on each other when we were like 9, which always seems to come to the forefront of my mind in situations like this.  But shit I’ll be honest, I know that if we weren’t related and he wasn’t such a bum we’d probably hook up, I have an instant attraction to guys that can dance.  So I’m looking around for the bathroom when I see Freddy, we went to high school together and I had forgot (drunk-amnesia) he kicks it with Shawn and his brother.  Apparently you have to be MacGyver to open or close the bathroom door, so I need Freddy’s help.  He stands by the door so he can help me get out once I’m done and some how we end up in the kitchen talking.

My mom decided that I needed an escort, so she put my little sister on security detail, “make sure your sister is safe” she tells her.  Now she’s following me around; popping up every 10 minutes to “make sure I’m safe”.  Somehow I convince her that she needs to go in the den and leave me alone because now I am hardcore flirting with Freddy and I KNOW that if i said “hey let’s fuck”, he would so be down … and well I’m drunk so I am ALMOST at that point in the night.  And then Shawn walks in.  Now like I had said before I didn’t really know him besides seeing him occasionally when I went to visit my uncle but he was seriously looking super sexy.  It was his sister’s birthday as well so he was all dressed up to go out with her so he wasn’t gonna stay for the party we were having at his house.  Me, Freddy, and my cousin (don’t ask me where he came from I can’t remember) were all just talking about me taking them with me to club that I dance at next Friday.  Shawn said he wanted to go too, so I got his number and well … as they say, the rest is history. (breaking rules, scary sex, getting mad)


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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