Uh oh … I broke rule #2

Wow … you know how guys sometimes say stupid shit like “when I’m through with you, I’ll have you walking funny” and you just look at them like “yea, sure, whatever you say.”  Well that ACTUALLY happened to me last night/this morning.  Before I get into the details, I just wanna say that … I’m a dirty mistress.  I have broken the rules and my friends are gonna yell at me … but it was worth it.  I tied my good sense up and locked her away in the closet folks, because I gave in to my vagina’s yearning to have it’s walls filled and I had sex with Shawn :O

GASP, I know but at least I’m not in denial.  I know what I did was wrong but my roster has been empty and finding someone to fill Shawn’s place has been a no-go, plus it’s REALLY hard to walk away from MIND BLOWING SEX. Okay enough of my semi-attempt to explain my actions, on with the details ….

Last week I went out with my best friend and her Godmom’s brother and his girlfriend, who were visiting from Milwaukee or some weird place like that, that I’ve never heard of.  We went to happy hour so we could get some cheap drinks before we went to a bar later that night.  Me and the BF spent most of our time trying to find some cute guys to hit on but alas no luck.  I had drank two margaritas and you know when I drink all I can think about is sexy time.  I tell my BF to keep an eye on me because I am NOTORIOUS for drunk texting people (i.e. guys) and setting up booty calls.  I was extremely tempted to text Shawn because I know I coulda gotten some sex out of him but I kept reminding myself that he has a girlfriend now, so he’s off limits.  With my BF keeping an eye on me, I resisted temptation and I texted my boyfriend instead.  I was hoping we could set up a late night skype date but he never texted me back.  Anyway I survived the night and sadly went to bed sexless and restless.  The next day I felt so good that I HADN’T texted Shawn because when I went to my uncle’s house after church as usual, Shawn was there … WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND. So yea I was happy that I didn’t call him and look like some thirsty trick.

But … he called me last night around 8 and well let’s just say my vagina’s need for sex got the best of me and I was jumping in his car on the way to his house an hour later.  He kept telling me how much he missed me and how he’s sad that I keep avoiding him and blah blah blah.  I just told him he was a dirty, filthy liar and that I in no way believed anything he said.  When we get to his house, he puts on a movie, which was actually pretty good and it started to feel just like things were between us when we first met.  But I didn’t come just to watch movies all night, so just as the credits start rolling, I straddled him and we start making out.  As I’m grinding on him, I can feel him getting hard, he takes of my hoodie, then my shirt, picks me up off the love seat and throws me on the couch.  We both start to undress each other; more sucking, licking, touching, then he pushes me back and enters me. Sex on the couch was a bit of a blur to me because we were all over the place and then he does the sexy shit ever.  He was sitting on the couch and I was straddling him, when he decides that we need to take this to the bedroom, so he stands up holding me, while he’s still inside of me.  I wrapped my legs around his body and my arms around his neck and we head to the bedroom.  He’s holding me, walking up the stairs and STILL giving me the business.  It seriously was probably one of the sexiest things that has ever happened to me to date.  We finish in the bedroom and laid there for a good 10 minutes talking about food and then it was time for round two.

This time though, I don’t know if my vagina was extra excited or what because my vagina was so wet it was dripping, it was so crazy, I had never had that happen to me before.  Besides that I got the most intense adrenaline rush that I felt this crazy flood of emotions through out my whole body.  I would describe it has that moment you get to the very top of a roller coaster and the rush you feel as you’re dropping and screaming and scared but happy and excited all at the same time.  I was physically holding my breath, yea it was beyond intense.  And I freaking knocked out after that.  We woke up at like 4:45am because he needed to take me home so I could get some sleep before I had to get ready for work.  I told him “it’s 4:45, you got 20 minutes”, so we had round three… amazing quicky

… and now I’m walking funny


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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4 comments on “Uh oh … I broke rule #2
  1. sexuallifeofawife says:

    Wow, sounds seriously sexy!

  2. sexuallifeofawife says:

    Hey, have just nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award! See my home page for details…

  3. […] said he wanted to go too, so I got his number and well … as they say, the rest is history. (breaking rules, scary sex, getting mad) Rate this: Share […]

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