I’ll Be A Groupie Tonight

Last month I went to Miami with one of my girls to visit our best friend, who recently moved out there.  Let me just say that for my FIRST TIME EVER leaving California, it was not as fun as I wanted it to be.  I think it was mostly because it was a vacation for me and TK but for AG it was just where she lives now.  Overall though it was great for us all to be together again, since the last time we saw each other was at their graduations.  Anyway we went to this club in South Beach called “Club Play”  which was really nice.  TK knew someone who got us in the VIP, so we chilled there for awhile but that got boring so we made our way to the upstairs part of the club, which I later found out was VIP … yea the WHOLE UPSTAIRS.  Well I had been super bored sitting in the VIP when we first got there and ended up drinking way more than I had planned so by time we went upstairs I was beyond drunk.

We had been upstairs awhile chillin at some dude’s table when the DJ was like “Trey Songz is here!!!” I was like WAIT WHAT!!!!!! And I commence to unleashing my inner groupie to find him, sadly I searched and searched but alas I did not find him so I am convinced he WAS NOT THERE.  Believe me if I would have found him that woulda been it.  I’ve never been one of those people who stalk celebrities because it’s really not that serious.  I’m from SoCal, which means you will inevitably run into a famous person from time to time.  But my friends think I’m crazy because  I have a list of people I would go groupie for:

1. Trey Songz








2. Wale








3. Chris Brown (yea I said it)

These dudes will have me acting like I was raised by wolves, I promise.  One of my friends was like why would you want to have sex with Trey Songz, you would probably come back with some kind of disease, plus it probably wouldn’t mean anything to him anyway.  And to this I said SO WHAT! I take the proper precautions when I engage in sexual relations, so If I happened to catch the SARS from Trey then so be it, that’s the risk you take when you sleep with people you don’t know.


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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