I’m In An Open Relationship: PT 1

If you would have asked me, if I thought I would ever be in an open relationship the answer would have definitely have been no.  But now that I’m in one, I can see why it can work for certain people.  An open relationship works for me because I like things to be honest and upfront.  I also learned from my first boyfriend what type of relationship I DON’T want to be in.  So because this relationship has been almost two years in the making, I’m gonna break this into parts so I can explain the WHOLE STORY.


Senior year of college I was the chair of the Black Student Union, which basically meant if I saw a Black person on campus I had to make sure that I spoke to them, made sure they knew about the different events we threw weekly and in most cases give them my number so I could call them and whatnot (or in the case of people I couldn’t stand … acknowledge that they existed).  The first time I met MVP, I was in the grocery store with my gay husband.  I guess he had remembered seeing my boyfriend on campus or something, so we decided to walk over and say hi and invite him to hang out sometime.  It was real casual and we all just went about our way, no big deal.  Maybe a month or so later, me and my gay husband are chillin in our best friend’s dorm (she was the RA), when one of her residents walks in with MVP.  So we’re all in the living room talking and whatever and I ask MVP why I haven’t seen him at any of the BSU meetings and he tells me he was never invited.  I was like what do you mean, everyone is invited and I tell him I text people EVERY MONDAY to make sure they come to the meeting.

He’s was all like well you have never texted me, so I get his number and tell him to expect a text from me on Monday.  Now this whole time I don’t know if he’s flirting with me or just being nice, at the time I had been single for about a year and I was still a little unsure of myself and my relationships with the opposite sex.  We all decide to watch a movie and I end up sitting next to him, cross-legged, on the couch.  I can’t remember when I noticed it but we were sitting close enough for our legs to be touching slightly and I sat there the rest of the night trying to figure out if I should move my leg and if this was just happenstance or if he was flirting with me.  Anyway as time goes on, I start to get the feeling that MVP is just a big flirt and to not think much of it because I noticed certain things about him that he kinda did to every girl.  But the most noticeable thing about him was that when he talked to you, he would look you straight in the eyes … AND NEVER LOOK AWAY ….EVER.  I noticed this one day because we were outside in front of the library talking and for the first time since we had first met I realized he had the most beautiful amber eyes, which made me feel some kinda way, so I looked away and when I looked back he was still looking at me.  After that I started to notice his little quirks, like he talks really low, like in an almost a whisper, so whenever we were talking I had to get kinda close to him so I could hear what he was saying.  But overall I still just thought he was a huge flirt and it never crossed my mind that he might actually be interested in me. It didn’t occur to me until my birthday, that he might be a little more interested in me than I thought.


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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