Yep, I’m A Sexter

Sexting: When a guy and a girl send dirty text messages back and forth to each other. Pictures may also be included, but only if you’re lucky. (source: urban dictionary)

Yes, I am guilty as charged and no I don’t give a fuck.  I pretty much been poor my whole life, I know people hate when I say that but I don’t care it’s the truth and doesn’t bother me one bit.  Believe it or not I did not become savvy to the Internet world until I was a Junior in high school, mostly because we couldn’t afford a computer and the only time I was ever near a computer was at school, so I was a late bloomer to Myspace, AIM, and the like.  But this all changed my Junior year because I won a scholarship for college, which came with a Sony Vaio laptop … SCORE!  Me and my then best friend at the time loved taking suggestive picture with it and posting them on Myspace for everyone to see, you know typical high school shenanigans.  As soon as I got home from school I would hop on my laptop to spend the rest of my night on Myspace and AIM.  Well this was also around the time when I got in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend.  Now I don’t know who suggested it, although I have a strong inkling that it was him, but I started talking picture of myself in my “sexy” underwear and sending them to him via AIM.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “AIM is not sexting” but for me it was because I didn’t have a cell phone.  You ready for this shocker, my mom didn’t get me a cell phone until my senior year, yea I was actually a kid that lived in the stone ages and called my friends from the house phone (gasp, what is a house phone? LOL) But yea, that was how my sexting escapades began.

But it wasn’t until we left for college that I upped my sexting game.  My ex-boyfriend and I lived pretty singular lives in college.  He tended to enjoy being around crazy, drunk, college kids while I would rather stay in my dorm and chill.  So for the most part, I just saw him around the dorm (we lived in the same one, I know, creepy), at like lunch and dinner times and we always slept together … ALWAYS.  Our second year of college was a little different because he lived in the apartment complex down the block from me, plus he had made a bunch of new friends so we weren’t around each other as much and I mostly saw him sporadically on campus but always at night because again, we NEVER slept alone (awww how precious ).  Because of this fact I had to make sure that I was “keeping my man satisfied” so I would go online and find naughty things to text him.  Yea that’s right, in those day I for some reason could not come up with one sexy thing to text … makes no sense, I know.  But my most memorable goes a little something like this:

Me: babe where you at?

BF: at the gym wit pat y?

Me: becuz I jus walked over to ur place

BF: oh well sam’s home, the door should be unlocked

Me: *sends mirror pic of me in his room wearing his fav shirt, no panties on*

BF: b home in 5 mins, DON’T MOVE

I only remember this because I thought of it ALL ON MY OWN, no help from google search LMAO.  Fast forward to present day … when I first started sexting people (beside the ex), I was really scared because I know how that shit can get out.  I always made sure to practice safe sexting, in the words of Kanye:

“When you take the picture cut off your face and cover up the tattoo by the waist”

But then I started to think about it and it didn’t matter if you could really tell if it was me or not because all someone really had to do was show you WHO THE TEXT CAME FROM, DUH!  Plus I have a few tattoos and there is no way to hide ALL of them unless I’m wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt, oh well.  I don’t wanna being famous or becoming a politician, so if someone wants to show everyone the pics I sent, I don’t care … I’ve only sent a couple that are XXX.  But here’s the thing there is ALWAYS a possibility that the person you send the pics to will show them to someone.  Shit, naked pics are like pokemon cards, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL ← sorry I had to do it … People WILL show them to their friends and shit, it’s gonna happen, so I don’t get why people are surprised when other people get a hold of the pictures.  If you don’t want strangers to see them, DON’T SEND THEM. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

I had a conversation a couple months ago with my ex and he says out of the blue that he had just recently deleted all those pics I had sent him … by accident.  First off, I don’t know where this came from, like why did he tell me that?! I find it creepy actually and secondly, he’s been with his current girlfriend since we broke up so I don’t understand why he still had them in the first place.  He told me he had EMAILED HIMSELF THE PICTURES, you know just in case he lost his phone or something and that’s why he STILL had them.

Whatever   ¬__¬

This should be a lesson to the foolish, you can never take those pictures back, so if you’re gonna regret it DON’T DO IT.  Me on the other hand, I say hey if my ex wants to masturbate to old pics of me that says a lot about him because best believe I don’t get my kicks from thinking about him.  And if you happen to see a naked picture of me on the internet, enjoy, I think they’re all pretty damn sexy 😉


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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One comment on “Yep, I’m A Sexter
  1. I love the way you’re just so damn confidant!

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