Don’t Tell Me You Miss Me

When I came home from college, I started kickin it with my uncle’s neighbor Shawn.  We went out to a couple times and eventually we end up having sex.  Everything between us was pretty casual, we’d go out for drinks or watch weird foreign movies on Netflix and he would occasionally take me to work in the morning if I ended up spending the night (which happened like once or twice a week).  Things between us started to slow down when my cousin found out and basically told us that if my uncle found out it would be a problem.  I didn’t really care if my uncle found out or not, it wasn’t a secret to me but I just don’t go around talking about my sex life to my uncle.  But Shawn was kinda worried so we started to hang out less but he would still call me at like 2 o’clock in the morning asking to come pick me up, to which I would emphatically and immediately answer yes.  I’m sorry sex with him was so good, I would go from maybe wanting to cry from pure ecstasy to blurting out the most ridiculous things I had ever heard come from my mouth, so if hanging out less didn’t mean getting less sex, I really didn’t care.  We never talked about how many people we both were sleeping with because quite honestly it didn’t matter and I automatically assume that all sexual relationships are causal and non-exclusive unless it has been explicitly stated.

It wasn’t until the fourth of July that things started to get weird between us.  I get a call from Shawn on Sunday around like 7 or 8 pm, we’re just making small talk and then he goes “I really need to talk to you about something” … Ugh that phase or anything similar to it just makes me so mad … so I’m like ookkkaaay and he goes I’m gonna come pick you up, let’s go to the drive-in and he comes to get me like 30 minutes later.  While we’re in the car he is acting so weird, so I’m like what’s wrong with you.  He tells me that he really thinks “we” should come up with something to tell my uncle and that he doesn’t want to be sneaking around, to which I reply well when you figure out what you’re gonna say to my uncle let me know.  Then he goes, aw well we can just tell him by inviting him to our wedding …. And all I could do is laugh one of those awkward laughs … But in my head I’m like uh who jokes like that …

So before we get to the drive-in we park on some side street, I mount him and go to work.  I’m telling you there is nothing that turns me on more than taking control of a 6’3”, 28 year old man and making him quiver … shit I almost came just thinking about it.  We go to the drive-in and I’m fucking beyond hot and bothered but he wouldn’t let me climb on top of him again because the car parked next to us had hella kids in it.  We get back to his house and get in like 4 rounds … which is not safe by the way, I swear my vagina was swollen for a day lol … then he takes me home in the morning

I LITERALLY don’t hear from him for a month after that.  When he did call, I had missed it because I was taking care of my nephew. By the time I got the baby settled and asleep, I was tired so I went to bed. I wake up to a text message from him that he sent at 12:30am which said “IGNORING ME?” So I text him back at like 8am and I say “not at all” … then he calls me a week later while I’m driving to the club that I GoGo at on Fridays, I tell him I’m on my way to dance and he’s all like “awww I miss you though mami, I wanna see you” but something about him was annoying me so I was like oh yea well I gotta go and he tells me to call him tomorrow … I didn’t.

Well that next week we had a city wide black out that lasted for like 12 hours, shit was crazy and everyone was hella annoyed. Me and my mom go over my uncles’s house on Sunday and he’s tell us how him, his girlfriend, Shawn AND HIS GIRLFRIEND all kicked it at his house and got hella wasted and shit. Yea that’s right, in the month that I hadn’t talk to him, Shawn got himself a girlfriend … and at first I was like well self, you ain’t got the right to be mad but then I thought about it and I was like nah fuck that. Here’s why I was mad: I could give a fuckless who he’s talking to, having sex with, or dating but don’t tell me you “miss me” when you don’t. He didn’t miss me he missed my vagina, which was all he had to say. I mean come on dude, any girl you call past MIDNIGHT who 1) answers the phone and 2) says come get me right now is obviously DTF and there is no need for trickery or the like.  Second, I was mad because we had just had a semi serious conversation about telling my uncle about us which to me meant that he liked me more that just a cuddy buddy.  What was the point of that conversation? And lastly, I know his track record when I comes to girlfriends; he’s sexy, tall, works construction and knows how to PUT IT DOWN, which means all of his girlfriends have been crazy and jealous (which is semi-understandable).  I never agreed to be in a causal sexual relationship with a guy who has a girlfriend, it’s not what I do, and I don’t appreciate being put in the situation without being notified.  It’s bad enough he has three four-year-old daughters (a set of twins and a single) who are like 30 days apart and two crazy baby mamas.  What do I look like getting caught up in the drama of the baby mamas AND a new girlfriend …. OH HELL NO

Looks like my roster is down a player, so I’m taking applications … anybody interested 😉


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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2 comments on “Don’t Tell Me You Miss Me
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