Just The Tip …

So at the moment I’m in an open relationship (more on this later) and while talking to my boyfriend the other day via Skype (I have a pretty good blog to write about this later too LOL) we somehow started talked about how people end up having sex.  He was telling me how most people have the tendency to look for “excuses” as to crossing that line to have sex with people, instead of just being like “hey take off your pants”.  What had me cracking up was when he was talking about how 99% of the time if he shows a woman his dick, they’re gonna end up having sex not because his dick is out but because she probably wanted to and now has an excuse to do so.  Obviously, this can be a very delicate situation especially if motives get crossed and someone has the wrong idea of what the other person wants.  In our case, we are talking about two people who are on the same page about what they want from the situation.

I’ll use myself and my boyfriend as an example.  The first couple of times we hung out in a group setting, there was hella sexual tension between us.  At first I was confused because it seemed like he just flirted with every girl in site, so I thought no big deal of it but then there would be these moments where his would like brush up against my leg when he walked by or sit just close enough to me on the couch so that we were millimeters away from each other.  And for some reason I found that shit hella sexy.  Anyway one day I had a party at my house and he came over with some of his friends and we ended up in my laundry room with him putting my hand in his pants … and well you know the rest LOL.

So back to our Skype conversation … He was like for example, when a guy offers to play “just the tip”, it’s like testing the waters, because if she says yes, you KNOW there is no stopping at just the tip.  And this is where I prove his ass wrong and tell him about my “just the tip” shenanigans LOL.  I actually was in a situation where me and this guy where staying the night over a mutual friends place and we ended up watching a movie in the living room after everyone had gone to bed.  We’re sitting on the couch, he starts to get close to me and asks if he can share my blanket, to which I say of course 🙂

A few minutes later he starts rubbing my leg and because I don’t stop him he moves his hand a little further up, waits a little, then moves a little further up until his hand is between my legs.  So I reach over and unbutton his pants, reach my hand inside and pull out the goods.  In the midst of fondling each other, shit gets carried away and we play a little game of just the tip.  But I get a hold of my good sense and stop him because he’s not wearing a condom.  We both end up not having any on us and we really didn’t want to wake up our friends to ask for one, so he goes in the bathroom to get himself together and I curl up on one side of the couch and commence to sleeping.  He comes back, kinda cuddles up next to me and goes to sleep. And that was the end of that.

A couple weeks later I hear through the grapevine that he’s telling people we had sex.  To which I adamantly say um yea but not really … does just the tip count as sex? Whatever, I told my boyfriend I count that guy has a half LOL


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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4 comments on “Just The Tip …
  1. sleepproject says:

    Ha ha! I just love your question – in your shoes I’d be adamant ‘no’ too – but where do you draw the line? A friend of mine insisted that we’d ‘had sex’ after snogging and mutual masturbation – because he refuses to see having sex as defined by penetration. That’s quite enlightened for a guy!! But since most people assume it means penetration, you have to say no to this guy – or else make sure everyone knows his idea of having sex is just the tip 😀

  2. Just the tip could really mean a few strokes were added too. LOL

  3. […] him and refused to let him go anywhere never my sugar box for the rest of the night.  Plus out of the 6.5 people I’ve slept with, he hands down has the smallest dick I’ve ever encountered.  And considering my skepticism about […]

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