This is beautiful

Tenesia Teri~Ann



A hazy memory

My legs

Wrapped around your waist

Kisses, more~ish kisses

Coming at me fast

Like a train

The urgency

Causing me to rush

The pounding need

To feel you

Causes me to attack

As hungry for your touch

As I am hungry for love

For life

Fully dressed

Yet somehow my panties

Have hit the floor

Heavy breathing

A constant high

I need this

You have won this round

As you grip both of my hands

I rejoice in utter joy of your win

Your kisses so sweet

Everything about you causes

Me to overheat

My body temperature reaches its peak

I struggle to break free

A dangerous game of stay or go

I attempt to run away from this madness

The good girl inside wants to flee

But the bad girl wants to stay and be free

Free to be wild

To live risk free

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Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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