Um Because It’s My Vagina …

Sometimes having sex with people you know can be a catch-22. It’s cool because you already know them and therefore have eliminated 95% of the problems you might come across when you decided to sleep with someone you don’t really know/just met. But sleeping with a friend can also bring on a whole other level of issues. Case-In-Point: my Senior year of college, I started having sex with one of our friends who lived across the parking lot from us.  So here’s the situation: when me and my 3 roommates moved into our apartment complex, my roommates guy friend decided he liked the complex and ended up moving in across from us with 3 of our friends.  The situation was chill and we would all kick it at each others place so much that we would leave the doors of our apartment unlocked when we were home. Well one night we had a little kick back for my roommate and we all got pretty fucked up.  I ended up passing out on the floor near our couch and woke up looking for a blanket because I was cold. Drew, who lived next door was passed out next to me, which was no big surprised because this had happened plenty of times before, so I reached over him, grabbed the throw blanket off the couch and tried to go back to sleep.

Now I don’t know if I woke him up when I was moving around or if he was barely asleep but just as I was almost asleep, he pulls me over to him and starts making out with me.  At first I was like what the heck is going on right now, but that was for like a split second LOL Somewhere between making out and dry humping each other like teenagers, he stopped and asked me if I was sure.  I thought about it … for like 2.5 seconds and was like yea.  I didn’t have any condoms at my house, so we ended up having to go over to his place.  I don’t quite remember how we ended up having sex the second time or the time after that but somehow we ended up having sex … a lot and then things started to get weird.

One day I come home from class and when I get to our apartment the door was unlocked, which I think nothing of and I go upstairs to my room to get my phone charger.  Because I shared a room, I had a loft bed so we could fit all of our things in the room.  So I climb up the ladder to my bed and Drew is IN MY BED SLEEPING!! I woke him up and was like get out of my bed and why are you in our house and no ones home.

Fast forward to a couple weeks later and he’s trying to convince me to have sex with him after I have told him all week that I wasn’t in the mood.  Finally I guess he gets frustrated and says “Why do we only have sex when YOU wanna have sex?” I was like UM BECAUSE IT’S MY VAGINA and sex without my permission is called rape.

Long story short, he started to get real territorial and shit, calling me all the time and asking where I was. It got to the point where I had to be like “we’re not together, so leave me alone”. And now we’re not friends because he swears that I did him dirty. I guess you can add this to the mountains of evidence as to why you can’t have sex with your friends.


Because nobody tells you what happens after college

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2 comments on “Um Because It’s My Vagina …
  1. Harnew says:

    Wow! Even though he is confused to how you’re acting. I think it’s best for him. He shouldn’t want a “friend” like you. Your answer to his question was unbelievable.

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