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Yep, I’m A Sexter

Sexting: When a guy and a girl send dirty text messages back and forth to each other. Pictures may also be included, but only if you’re lucky. (source: urban dictionary) Yes, I am guilty as charged and no I don’t

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Choke Me, Spank Me, Pull My Hair ….?

Me and my friends talk about sex … a lot, when were not talking about changing the world of course.  There is nothing wrong with being sexual and I think that people need to get over themselves and their hang-ups

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Don’t Tell Me You Miss Me

When I came home from college, I started kickin it with my uncle’s neighbor Shawn.  We went out to a couple times and eventually we end up having sex.  Everything between us was pretty casual, we’d go out for drinks

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Would You Use Your Teeth To Eat Whipped Cream?

I had one pretty serious relationship in my whole life and it last 3.5 years.  Obviously I was devastated when our relationship ended, more because I felt like the last couple of months of our relationship were held together by

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This One Time In High School …

“This one time, in high school, I let my boyfriend use the backdoor…“ Yep, I sure did and while I don’t regret it … I’ll never do that shit again (pun intended …I guess LOL).  So my first and to-date

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Originally posted on Tenesia Teri~Ann:
Dazed Confused A hazy memory My legs Wrapped around your waist Kisses, more~ish kisses Coming at me fast Like a train The urgency Causing me to rush The pounding need To feel you Causes…

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Just The Tip …

So at the moment I’m in an open relationship (more on this later) and while talking to my boyfriend the other day via Skype (I have a pretty good blog to write about this later too LOL) we somehow started

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